PlastiCircle is developing an innovative collection system able to identify the quantity and quality of packaging deposited in the containers and to automatically inform waste transport companies.

This solution is centered on the development and testing of a smart container. The container includes user identification capabilities, label expending functionalities, anti-fraud measures, garbage level detection, and state-of-the-art communications technologies. Furthermore, this solution has been developed as a portable prototype to be easily integrated in existing non-smart containers, to allow easy commercialisation an adaptation in different countries.

In order to encourage better separation of plastic waste and to reduce the amount of mixed waste that is  generated, PlastiCircle is helping cities to conceive and implement a system of incentives for virtuous citizens and neighborhoods who separate waste correctly.




Leader: SAV

Other partners: ITENE, SINTEF, City of Utrecht, INNDEA Valencia, Municipality of Alba Julia, Municipality of Velenje, POLARIS, Ecoembes, Plastics Europe