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New webinar on tackling microplastics pollution

8 February 2021

On 24 February 2021, the EPR Club will organise a webinar on using EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) as a policy tool to address microplastics pollution. The webinar is part of the conference ‘EPR as an instrument to tackle microplastics pollution’ EPR has organised the conference in collaboration with the European Parliament Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development.

The conference consists of two webinars, the upcoming one on 24 February and one held on 27 January, which aimed towards a better understanding of the problem of microplastics and the potential measures to address it. The EU has tried to minimise the release of intentionally added micrpoplastics, through the use of a REACH restriction. However, 700.000 tonnes of microplastics per yera are still released in the EU.

Most of the microplastics particles found in the environment come from unintentional releases, such as from tyres, synthetic clothing, plastic pallets, artificial turfs and paints. A part of these particles may find their way to urban waste water treatment plants. Although current treatment technologies remove most of them, microplastics have a negative impact on circular economy options of waste water operators and jeopardize the affordability of water services.

During the webinar on 24 February participants will discuss whether the microplastics challenge can be addressed by introducing EPR schemes, where relevant, to cover the cost of remedial actions. The webinar aims to gather a wide variety of relevant stakeholders and to provide an opportunity for interactive discussion. Register here.