"You select, because you care" - Valentin Voinica on Alba Iulia's PlastiCircle pilot activities

30 June 2020

Following pilots in Valencia and Utrecht, PlastiCircle has now set foot in Alba Iulia where it will roll out its third and final pilot in the Arnsberg - Goldis district. The pilot originally was supposed to begin in April, but had to be delayed because of COVID-19. Valentin Voinica, coordinator of PlastiCircle's activities in the city, tells us how the pandemic affected the pilot, what its main focus will be and how Alba Iulia wants to engage ...

PlastiCircle Alba Iulia pilot starts on 1 July

22 June 2020

The third and final PlastiCircle pilot will start on 1 July in Alba Iulia, the birthplace of the modern Romanian state in 1918. During the pilot, Alba Iulia’s Goldis and Arnsberg districts will see PlastiCircle innovations, focusing on plastic packaging collection, waste transport, and effective recycling.

The Alba Iulia pilot was originally scheduled for last April. Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced the city to put its plans on hol...

Polymer Comply Europe organises webinar on Circular Economy Action Plan

2 June 2020

Recently adopted by the European Commission, the Circular Economy Action Plan is one of the main building blocks of the European Green Deal. The webinar "Circular Economy Action Plan: Guideline for European Plastics Converters" will introduce the Circular Economy Action Plan, highlight the upcoming challenges for the plastic industry and gather experts from the European Commission - DG Environment. 

The webinar will take place on ...

The PlastiCircle Challenge

18 May 2020

From the end of September 2019 until the beginning of January 2020, 65 Utrecht households tried to learn as much as possible about the separation and collection of plastic waste. They learnt a lot how to treat the plastic waste and Utrecht learnt much more about their needs. From the beginning, it was quite clear that the inhabitants need much more and clear information how to treat the waste inside a house. They find it not easy to understand...