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Destination Alba Iulia For PlastiCircle’s Final Technical Visit

5 September 2018

Next week’s visit by the PlastiCircle consortium to the Romanian town of Alba Iulia is the last visit by the project team in a series of technical excursions.

On 12-13 September 2018, the PlastiCircle team will be in the Romanian town of Alba Iulia to consolidate preparations for the project’s crucial pilot phase.

As with previous technical visits – to Utrecht in the Netherlands and Valencia in Spain – the consortium will hold intensive discussions to lay the ground work for the project pilots later in the project calendar.

In Alba Iulia, the partners will visit the Polaris plastic sorting plant for a closer look at the specificities of working in Romania come crunch time in 2019.

The consortium will also, as with Utrecht and Valencia, visit the district in which pilot waste collection – and the waste transport arrangements – will take place.

Project co-ordinator César Aliaga said: “With the final technical visit to Alba Iulia, we’ll have an even clearer picture of what is needed for the remainder of the PlastiCircle calendar”.

Mr Aliaga added: “For effective collection, transport, sorting and recycling in this project, we need to take a closer look at Alba Iulia’s infrastructure, the municipality’s capabilities and its needs for the pilot phase. We’re ready to get to work!”

Further updates on the technical visit to Alba Iulia will appear on the PlastiCircle website at and on Twitter via @circ_economy.