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PlastiCircle gains momentum with the residents of Sant Marceŀli

29 April 2019

Last week in the neighbourhood of Sant Marceŀli, Valencia, residents had another chance to sign up and take part in PlastiCircle – before a new kind of plastic waste collection and recycling begins there on 1 May.

On 24 April, in Calle Pio IX in the heart of Valencia’s Sant Marceŀli district, the PlastiCircle approach was once again brought to Valencianos of all ages. Under the local branding ‘ReciPlàstic’ and with the help of local website, residents can sign up to take part in the pilot and learn how they can be rewarded for good recycling behaviour -  ‘ecopoints’ given for the effective sorting of plastic packaging waste in 25 yellow containers dotted around the neighbourhood.

In Sant Marceŀli, the yellow bin bag is taking on a whole new meaning, with a PlastiCircle information campaign now in full swing and registrations adding up as locals aspire to better management of their household plastic wastes.

Residents are encouraged, with the help of the community-wide information and education campaign, to recycle their plastic waste and light packaging more effectively. They now have more information on which items go inside the yellow container and those that don’t.

When going to throw out their plastic waste, participants use a personal card at the Plasticircle smart containers to assign a user ID (bar code) to their waste bag before depositing the rubbish. With the help of smart technology and the 'ecopoints' system, residents can later claim from a range of rewards for their good recycling, in conjunction with local authorities and Valencia’s innovation centre, Las Naves.

And residents meeting the PlastiCircle/ ReciPlàstic team have been particularly keen on learning about the Super Marcelina website – a useful repository for practical information and news on the pilot, under the guidance of a circular economy superheroine.

The information point in Calle Pio IX was the latest in a series of efforts by PlastiCircle/ ReciPlàstic, following meetings with schoolchildren on 11 April, and at the local Sant Marceŀli health centre a few days later. Up next: an official unveiling of the project on 17 May when local media will be invited to see the project in full swing on the streets of this Valencian barrio and PlastiCircle pilot neighbourhood.