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PlastiCircle Alba Iulia pilot starts on 1 July

22 June 2020

The third and final PlastiCircle pilot will start on 1 July in Alba Iulia, the birthplace of the modern Romanian state in 1918. During the pilot, Alba Iulia’s Goldis and Arnsberg districts will see PlastiCircle innovations, focusing on plastic packaging collection, waste transport, and effective recycling.

The Alba Iulia pilot was originally scheduled for last April. Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced the city to put its plans on hold. The current green light for the pilot does not mean that COVID-19 has disappeared from Romania. The pilot will respect the restrictions due to the pandemic and will adapt its communication activities to reflect the current situation.

The PlastiCircle team aims to engage citizens and local authorities as much as possible in its pilot activities. It also aims to integrate the lessons learnt from the previous two pilots in Valencia and Utrecht. In doing so, it is aware that all three cities face different challenges and that conditions on the ground in Romania differ from those in Spain and The Netherlands.