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Ecoembes’ ‘TheCircularLab’ to Host Latest PlastiCircle Meeting

3 January 2019

The latest general meeting by the PlastiCircle consortium will be held in Logroño, Spain, later this month, as the team is welcomed to Europe’s first innovation centre on the circular economy.

On 22-23 January 2019, the PlastiCircle team will be hosted by Spanish recycling and eco-design organisation Ecoembes – and specifically at ‘TheCircularLab’ located in Logroño in the Rioja region.

TheCircularLab by Ecoembes is the first European innovation centre focused on the circular economy, and since its relatively recent creation in 2017, has been dedicated to the study, conception, testing and application of best practices in packaging reuse and recycling.

One of the PlastiCircle consortium partners, Ecoembes will host a two-day meeting by the PlastiCircle team, aimed at updating the consortium as a whole on project developments and planning the next steps in the PlastiCircle journey.

Aside from regular updates on the project ‘work packages’ or constituent parts, the team will also meet with the PlastiCircle advisory board and innovation committee – both of which endeavour to bring greater strategic focus to the project and boost its presence on the European circular economy scene.

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