Workshop - Circular Economy in waste management: how to replicate action

20 April 2021

Horizon 2020 projects CityLoops and PlastiCircle are inviting you to a workshop entitled “Circular economy in waste management: how to replicate action", taking place on 4 May (14:00 – 15:15 CET).

The workshop, a partner event for the EU Green Week, will hear from representatives from pilot cities of the projects PlastiCircle (plastic packaging waste management) and CityLoops (biowaste and construction and demolition waste)...

PlastiCircle Final Forum will display technologies for the circularity of packaging waste

17 March 2021

Collaborative strategies and new technologies for plastic circularity have proven to be a reality ready to be implemented in the market thanks to PlastiCircle. The results and impacts of this Horizon 2020 project will be showcased in a final forum to be held online on 13 April. The event is organised by ITENE research centre in collaboration with KIMbcn, Proplast and ICLEI, with the support from Ecoembes and PlasticsEurope.

This free f...

Alba Iulia pilot results in 21 percent distance and 12 percent fuel savings

15 March 2021

The third and last pilot of the PlastiCircle project in the Romanian city of Alba Iulia secured important transport savings in the packaging waste treatment chain. Through the use of route optimisation algorithm, eco-driving systems, and placing sensors in collection containers, Alba Iulia was able to reduce the distance travelled by rubbish trucks in the pilot area by 21 percent, in turn saving them a 12 percent reduction in fuel costs.


New webinar on tackling microplastics pollution

8 February 2021

On 24 February 2021, the EPR Club will organise a webinar on using EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) as a policy tool to address microplastics pollution. The webinar is part of the conference ‘EPR as an instrument to tackle microplastics pollution’ EPR has organised the conference in collaboration with the European Parliament Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development.

The conference consist...