PlastiCircle hosts Virtual Study Tour of Alba Iulia pilot

16 October 2020

The PlastiCircle project conducted a Virtual Study Tour of the third and final pilot of the project, which is located in the Romanian city of Alba Iulia. The event took place online on 15 October, with 40 participants in attendance, including city authorities, waste managers, procurers, companies, and other plastic stakeholders.

Through the use of technology and satellite mapping, participants had the opportunity to virtually walk thro...

Register to the virtual study tour of the PlastiCircle pilot in Alba Iulia

6 October 2020

As part of the Circular Week 2020, PlastiCircle is organising a virtual study tour to the pilot in Alba Iulia (Romania). City authorities, waste managers, procurers, companies and other plastic stakeholders are invited to join this meeting taking place next October, 15 (10:00 - 11.00 CEST).

The PlastiCircle approach will be presented so that others can learn from the project experience, and think about replicating or adapting the solut...

Major Cities sign European Circular Cities Declaration and invite peers to join them

1 October 2020

Major European cities including Tirana (Albania); Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen (Belgium); Prague (Czechia); Copenhagen, Høje-Taastrup and Roskilde (Denmark); Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Tampere and Turku (Finland); Grenoble (France); Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Budapest (Hungary); Florence and Prato (Italy); Wiltz (Luxembourg); Guimarães (Portugal); Bergen and Oslo (Norway); Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenia); Seville (Spa...

European recycling industry welcomes EU climate plans

22 September 2020

In her recent State of the Union address, EU president Ursula von der Leyen called for a "European renovation wave" that would make the EU a "leader in the circular economy". To that end, 37% of NextGenerationEU funding will be spent on Green Deal objectives; 30% of that funding will be raised through green bonds. Von der Leyen further noted that the European Commission will propose an emission reduction target of 55% by 2030, having previousl...