The Dutch city of Utrecht, already at the vanguard of urban waste management in Europe, hosted the second PlastiCircle pilot from October 2019 to January 2020.

In collaboration with local authorities, the PlastiCircle pilot run in parallel with the city's own waste management projects. Specifically, Utrecht and PlastiCircle asked some important questions: For instance, how can consumers be challenged to separate plastic waste from residual waste more effectively? What type of collection is best for Utrecht? Centralised underground containers, door-to-door collection of mini containers, or something else?

During the pilot, Utrecht made use of door-to-door collection of mini containers (from some 2,000 households) and also of underground containers. Some 43 underground "smart" containers were linked to the pilot, although in fact, Utrecht has almost 200 underground containers for plastics in the whole city. The pilot itself took place in the western sector of the city - one of five busy waste collection routes.

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