Valencia is the first city to implement a PlastiCircle pilot - testing innovations in collection, transport, sorting and recycling of plastic packaging. All to drive the city towards a circular economy for plastic packaging, and to give a second life to valuable household plastic waste. The pilot is taking place in the neighbourhood of Sant Marcel·lí which, under the local name of 'ReciPlàstic', will also promote an innovative process of citizen participation across all ages and demograohics.

The pilot is slated to run from 1 May to 31 July, although citizens have already been registering since 17 April and the pilot will officially finish in September.

What does this mean for the citizens of Sant Marcel·lí ?

When a local resident participates, they deposit their bags (with light packaging waste) in one of the 25 yellow containers in the neighbourhood. These containers have a smart device attached, designed to issue a label with a bar code that identifies the user. The "user" then sticks this label on the bag then deposited in the container. This allows the sorters and recyclers to know how each citizen has separated his/her waste. Of course this means that residents are rewarded for good recycling behaviour, collecting 'ecopoints' that can be claimed or exchanged later for a variety of rewards. The incentive for citizens to recycle, and do it well, is very much part of the PlastiCircle approach.

The launch of the Valencia pilot includes a series of events and workshops listed on the local website - where everyone can find all the information related to the project -  and through which interested residents can (in Spanish): register for the project, participate in various community processes , consult the value of ecopoints, or even read local project news and see what's happening!

Local website: www.supermarcelina.com

Have a look at the photos from the events so far! From a children's workshop, from an information point at the local health centre, and from an informative street activity.